Hollywood on the Mon. The City of Bridges. The Paris of Appalachia. Whatever you call it, Pittsburgh is a place where history hangs in perfect balance with the future, where a world-leading robotics institute sits beside a cathedral. And it’s experiencing a well-documented renaissance that has attracted filmmakers of all types—from Christopher Nolan to Sundance-winning documentarians.

Highlights of Pittsburgh and its countryside

The Cathedral of Learning

The tallest educational building in the Western Hemisphere, the Cathedral of Learning was commissioned in 1926. It contains many notable works of stained glass, stone, wood and ironwork, and could easily be mistaken for Hogwarts.

Carrie Furnace

One of the last operating steel mills in the Pittsburgh region, the Carrie Furnace is a reminder of the past, as well as a great location for industrial sets.


With more than 1,000 bridges, the three rivers are Pittsburgh’s defining features. A nighttime stroll along the many riverside walkways reveals a beautiful city of shimmering light.

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