Hospitality—here, it’s more than a word.

As a people, Pennsylvanians are notoriously polite. Visitors can’t help but note a certain old-world courtesy that only deepens as you get farther out into the country. But PA goes further than that for filmmakers: our state provides a number of fee-free and permit-free options for filming while offering a wide range of geographical diversity.

Beachfront to mountaintop

Everyone can agree: if you can keep your shoot local, you’re going to spend less money and time in production. That’s part of why PA is great. Here, you can go from scenic Presque Isle to downtown Pittsburgh in two hours. Check our Location Finder catalogue of more than 1,500 locations.

Location Finder

Permit and fee-free areas

Filmmakers may be able to use state-owned property for location filming fee-free if the property can be made available during the period that the filmmaker requires. Costs incurred and liability insurance coverage, however, will be the responsibility of the production.

Many regions in Pennsylvania do not require any permits for filming.

Contact the region you’re interested in filming in to find out more.


Other incentives

Visitors staying thirty days or more in a hotel are not obliged to pay state and local hotel taxes.

Pennsylvania also features the nation’s fourth-largest state park system, providing filmmakers with a wealth of pristine wilderness alongside many international airports for ease of access.