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The Pennsylvania Film Office welcomes submissions of locations. In order to have your property considered you will need to submit photos. Submissions can be sent via this web form, or by email; Dropbox is also available should the need arise. In addition to photos please provide a detailed description with the age of the property & architectural type if applicable. Include distinguishing features and any other details you would like to highlight, ie: acreage, type of fields on your land, additional buildings, etc. This form allows five photo attachments, however there is no limit to the number of photos that can be posted, they can also be broken into several, ie: exterior, interior, acreage, etc. Please provide complete information for the primary contact & the property address if it differs.

NOTE: Your contact information is not made available to the public when viewing your posting; this is to protect your privacy. Interested parties contact the Film Office for additional information.

To send more than 5 photos, or to ask specific questions, please contact our Film Locations Manager, Maryann Marsico via email.

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NOTE: If users have specific questions about a location or the photography they may check the "REQUEST MORE INFO" box below.

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The Photo Release Form grants the Film Office permission to post your photos for location purposes. Please note: locations will not be posted until we have received a completed release form.

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