Weather in Pennsylvania

There’s a reason they didn’t shoot Rocky under sunny, blue skies and blooming cherry blossoms. Having the right weather conditions is almost as important as having the right location. It can set the mood, even play a character in the story. Pennsylvania is blessed with four distinct seasons, as showcased by some of the finest locations in the land.

Starting in March, springtime is primetime for lush fields of wildflowers and big cities in bloom. The rivers and waterfalls are a little fuller, and everything’s a little greener.

Summer starts early here, with the warm 80-degree days hitting in late May. We also have variations of summer to match whatever you’re looking for: from cool, country breezes in early June to the dog days of August.

Fall doesn’t get any bigger than it does in Pennsylvania. Once the leaves start changing, the leaf festivals keep coming. It’s a great time to shoot everything from alpine scenes to big city chases.

It isn’t a harsh winter, with average temps hovering in the 30s, but there’s plenty of white stuff in the mountains, like the Alleghenies, the Pennsylvania Wilds and in Upstate Pennsylvania. You know the sleepy little winter villages you dream about? They’re everywhere in Pennsylvania.